Just found this Olympus XA2 in a charity shop for £2.50, just to top off my already amazing day!!

Another one of Aran in Filey. Had a really lovely day out

Ricoh FF-70, Kodak 200

Aran, in a very nice chippy in Filey

Ricoh FF-70, Kodak 200

Many street performers I’ve found to be naff, but this actually really impressed me

Ricoh FF-70, Kodak 200

A Yorkean artist

Ricoh FF-70, Kodak 200

A pianist on a battered piano

Ricoh FF-70, Kodak 200

terrysuave asked: Hey , can you check my other blog ?

Of course! :)

Photos won’t be back from the lab for a week ish. Boredom is taking its toll, so I decided to build a pyramid (sort of) of cameras to pass some time. 

The film drawer is slowly growing..


Everyone should buy this! 

Like a lot! 

Naturally, I’d tell you to believe in film too! 

I hardly ever reblog, but I quite liked this..

willee-i-am asked: Ahah. Well, you've probably got more than I have since I live in a small village in Devon :) I don't mind though, it's pretty here. And there are things within walking/driving distance :)

Ah I love Devon, my friend moved there a few years ago :)


The Big Issue

Miranda MS-1 Super, Kodak 400 B&W

I like it when I get Onto a blog like this :)

willee-i-am asked: Ahah. Where abouts is your town? And why were the nights so bad? :)

It’s a town called Bridlington in East Yorkshire, England. Oh there’s only really three places to go, and they’re all pretty awful!

willee-i-am asked: What three things do you think about when you think about where you live? :)

Hmm. Well the beach is a pretty important part of my town, my childhood memories and the terrible nights out!

Teaching cooperation

Gaf Memo 35 ET, Kodak 200