A pianist on a battered piano

Ricoh FF-70, Kodak 200

terrysuave asked: Hey , can you check my other blog ?

Of course! :)

Photos won’t be back from the lab for a week ish. Boredom is taking its toll, so I decided to build a pyramid (sort of) of cameras to pass some time. 

The film drawer is slowly growing..


Everyone should buy this! 

Like a lot! 

Naturally, I’d tell you to believe in film too! 

I hardly ever reblog, but I quite liked this..

willee-i-am asked: Ahah. Well, you've probably got more than I have since I live in a small village in Devon :) I don't mind though, it's pretty here. And there are things within walking/driving distance :)

Ah I love Devon, my friend moved there a few years ago :)


The Big Issue

Miranda MS-1 Super, Kodak 400 B&W

I like it when I get Onto a blog like this :)

willee-i-am asked: Ahah. Where abouts is your town? And why were the nights so bad? :)

It’s a town called Bridlington in East Yorkshire, England. Oh there’s only really three places to go, and they’re all pretty awful!

willee-i-am asked: What three things do you think about when you think about where you live? :)

Hmm. Well the beach is a pretty important part of my town, my childhood memories and the terrible nights out!

Teaching cooperation

Gaf Memo 35 ET, Kodak 200

Gaf MEMO 35 ET

Kodak 200


Test Roll from my GAF Memo 35 ET, Kodak 200

Pedal boats. Loved these as a kid

Test Roll from my GAF Memo 35 ET, Kodak 200

My 300th post!

Get ready to wave!

Test Roll from my GAF Memo 35 ET, Kodak 200

School Trip

Test Roll from my GAF Memo 35 ET

Kodak 200